Abime des Oiseaux (by heliosphan aka poliorkitis333)

[Abyss of Birds]

“Inside the abstractness, deisis only remains”

aux “Meditations” [του ιδίου]

Nequaquam vacuum (“vacuum shall not exist”). But even if it existed, it wouldn’t have any meaning as an existential form and, thus, the referrence to it wouldn’t have any meaning too. Fortunately perhaps, it does not possess any meaning as our “deisis” remains. Deisis in the forthcoming world, for the most of us, we would say that expectation is departure from the inertion and, consequently, one more weakness. As exactly as time restriction of our very beings is weakness, viz. digression from our point of tautology, if it exists. For its defeat the gain of a full ability of past and future observation, enoratic or not, would be enough. Or ignoration and therefore, transcendence of it. More precisely, expectation is another view, another way to express that you are mentally depended on time.

Consequently, deisis can be regarded as deisis to the Infinite, undoubtedly. Via this, continuous, gradual anatasis is achievable (not always smooth, but able to oscillate, sometimes accompanied by katavasis and stepping back), anatasis in purpose of stasis. Is deisis enough ? We could say sole thought is enough.

Thought, transition into the very theoretical world, imagination, includes all itself departure from nature and therefore from the corrosiveness. One said that thought is a natural result and the restrictions on thought is controlled by nature itself. Anyway, this truth does not undo the more general content, perhaps nature itself has predicted its autotranscendence (evolution as another way of transcendence, a compulsory one), as its thermodynamic end.  Freedom from corrosiveness is a step to the anatasis, maybe very small, elementary. But it’s a step.

In a cyclical route, accepted as time-oriented, perhaps anatasis is an illusion ? As it was said,  there might be katavasis too. It could be implied that cyclical is the path around the Infinite, like a sun-centered planet, and, at the time of anatasis, the orbits of souls become smaller and smaller, without ever turning in crash and embody with the Infinite, inaccesible in substance. The view of time as a cycle (Mayas) and linearity could be regarded as one. Indeed, cycle is a curve with its two endings bonded, and line is a kind of curve. Thus, cycle is only a curved line and line is an unrolled cycle, in its full length of his perimeter. One more proof that two things could be viewed as one.

Matter and energy, energy and matter, cosmological factors in hypersymmetry. Body and soul the corresponding ontological factors. Nothing is pure matter and nothing is pure energy. Even the Infinite ? Maybe. But isn’t it referred as non-material ? Precisely. It isn’t constructed only by matter. As it’s known, light meets this double nature, even if it isn’t n-dimensional as the Infinite. However, it can always be symbol and reminding It, as projection in the three-dimensional world. Anyway, it pumped the expansion of stochastic phaenomena, to begin with the quantum theory.

Uncertainty in universe, on our earth, in our room. Not only the elements out of our existence move (supposedly, around us), but they also move randomly. They can pass through parallel universes and in a path from our table straight to Hyperdnysteria. Can it remain there ? Perhaps. All depend on the quantic correspondence in energy, on the ability to enter into one of these microscopic bubbles which float invisibly.

Sometimes these bubbles break and then we may be able to come in contact with unknown beings, ghosts, shades, poltergeists, even so-called UFOs. Some of these can be viewed simply as energy amounts of deceased organisms, not being able to affect us. Therefore, graveyard infrasounds, past life recursions etc. as modified forms of this energy type, being expressed via people with extraordinary powers (mediums). [TO BE CONTINUED]

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